MASTERCARVER 20-Piece Tool Set & Wallet


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MASTERCARVER® BRAND MINI HAND PUSH TOOLS Create better detail with less effort! Our mini hand push tools are made with special extra thin steel, sharpened to a low angle & razor sharp edge. Perfect for detailing & small projects, these may be the only mini tools you’ll need. Designed for the better control that results from hand pushing, tools slide through the wood with minimal pressure. V-tools feature reverse rakes for better cross & end grain carving, they create a true 60° V (bottom not rounded). All chisels, including skews, have a single bevel. Blade hardness: Rc 64. Length 5-3/4”. Set 301001 includes the 20-Tools (7-Gouges, 3-V-Tools, 5-Skew Chisels, 5-Square Chisels) plus 301002 Mastercarver® Mini Tool Wallet a $19.95 value.

A limited quantity of these are in stock and will ship next day. If you order and we must back-order, delivery should be within 10 days.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review