Loyalty Rewards

Art from the Bark's Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

As a thank-you for your continuing business we have a Loyalty rewards program.  You will receive up to a 5% of the purchase price of your order as a store credit to your registered account when using credit card through our payment processor.  This credit may be used to pay for all physical products sold. This excludes the purchase of gift certificates or other non-physical product.  The Maximum store credit when using PAYPAL is between 4% and 0, in order to offset the higher fees charged by PAYPAL. As a condition of this credit you will be enrolled in our periodic (no more than once a month).  Unsubscribing will void existing store credit.

NO store credit is available for telephone orders or mail orders.

Purchase price is the total order before shipping. insurance, and taxes less any redeemed loyalty rewards.  The store credit has no monetary value except as payment toward purchases of physical products on this "" website. When our posted price is decreased due to a price match store credit for that item will be reduced or eliminated.

In order to participate, you must register on our site and when making additional orders do so under your account.  Store credit currently does not expire but may be changed in the future. A three month notice of any change will be sent.

Thank you for your continued business.


Kathy and Dennis Overcash

Art from the Bark