When we started we wanted to provide wood carvers, veterans, first responders and others with a discount.  After considering that those, when we included their families, were just about every customer that walked into our store we settled on a different approach.

We strive to provide items at a price that is competitive with other on-line retailers. Both in our ecommerce site and in the store.  This is usually about 10% below retail but could be a little less or more based on our costs. 

Some of our suppliers require us to advertise (or openly showing on website) a price that is below a certain minimum or in many cases below their established retail price.  When you see on our site that only one price is listed and no MSRP is listed, contact us for a competitive price quote.  On an individual basis we can sell to you at our discount.  Plus you will receive our current store credit to use in future orders.